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Increasing love in the world...

What happens at these events?

Laughter, sometimes tears... and deep opening to who we truly are,  on every level. We do our very best to create a sacred space where each of us is welcome to show up as we are, and be seen, heard, felt, experienced... and loved. Along with this deep dive into expansion & awakening...   We play! 

Lou often says this, and I've always felt it highlites the Tantric attitude;

'If you are doing something you don't want to be doing, you're not doing it right...'  -LP

(Which essentially means; Trust yourself!  If you are consciously choosing that which brings you joy- you will always be fully be present in any moment. That is a gift not only to you, but to all the other people in your life!  If you feel shy about sharing or expressing, please know that we believe whether you participate by being  fully 'in' or opting-out of a  particular practice, it is ALL considered participating.)

If you can show up with a beginner's mind and a willing heart, we can virtually guarantee you will connect deeply with others and have a great time! You will never have to do ANYTHING you are not comfortable participating in. When we  open ourselves to connecting with others and sharing who we are, the world responds by bringing more happiness, love & light into all areas of our life. 

What is Tantra?

The Sanskrit word 'Tantra' means to weave… We see Tantra as the woven connection we have with ourselves and all of life. In each relationship we form, we have the opportunity to express ourselves authentically, connect deeply in a meaningful way, and learn from each other and the experience.

How can Tantra help me?

Pure Tantra was created with the hope of benefiting individuals, the entire community, and in turn, the world. The coaching we offer and the practices we teach are inclusive of all genders, religions, sexuality, and lifestyles. They are centered around developing awareness, connection, communication, opening the heart, and honouring the Divine within each of us. We facilitate workshops and private coaching year round, and are currently based in Terrace, BC, Canada.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find within yourself all the barriers you have built."


     See Workshop Page for details

  • Intro to Tantra for Couples (of any kind)

  • Laughing at Life  *free online event*

  • Working with the Chakras- Part 1

  • Trusting Pleasure - 6 week course        (Open to anyone identifying as female)