Awakening the Compassionate Warrior

Sunday, August 11th, 2018

@ The Yoga Studio (Terrace)              

The time that we are living in requires each of us to step up and into taking an active role in elevating the consciousness of humanity, and in saving our planet. By working on ourselves first- we will, in turn, be able to inspire others around us... our families, our communities, and the entire world. In this workshop, we will explore Tantric practices designed to teach us how to speak, act and live from a heart-centered place while taking an active role in balancing our own lives. We will discuss how to best create change in the various forms of imbalance that are present all around us. Being of service to all of life requires us to be in a state of love and grace... even while we may be experiencing anger and despair, hopelessness and frustration... thus... awakening the 'Compassionate Warrior' within.

*Pre-registration required

Investment is $50 / person

For more information and to register,

please email us:

Tantra Massage for Couples        

June 28th - July 1st        *Location TBA*

Friday  7 - 9:30pm      Saturday  10am - 3pm &  7 - 9pm      Sunday 10am - 3pm

Cost: $800 per couple  (price includes lunch on Saturday & Sunday)       

Join us in this fun weekend workshop as we explore intimacy and presence through conscious, loving touch! You will learn wonderful new skills that can REALLY help to spice up your relationship…. Giving and receiving a Tantric massage helps you to relax, connect deeply with your partner, and become more open to experiencing all forms of pleasure. This is an experiential workshop designed for couples, although paired singles are welcome to enroll as well.  Be advised that the nature of this workshop does include sharing erotic energy with your partner.  Couples of all orientations and genders are welcome!
*Please contact us if you are interested in exploring this as a private workshop. We are available to travel & teach.

The Sexually Embodied Woman Level 2

Starting May 9th - June 13th,  7:30-9:30 pm      

6 Wednesday evenings @ The Yoga Studio (Terrace)

Investment: $375 before May 1st, or $400 after May 1st

Join us in this special 6 week self-development program as we continue to delve deeper into the mysteries of who we are as women; our desires, arousal, and our personal exploration into creating a more loving and conscious relationship with ourselves.

• Expand upon your Knowledge & Experience of tribal Sisterhood
• Learn How To Discover & Ask For What You REALLY Want
• Build Even More Confidence In Yourself & Your Body Image
• Consciously Self-Examine & Engage In Personal Growth Work
• Explore & Deepen Your Relationship With Your Sensuality & Sexuality

*To register for the advanced course, you must have previously participated in SEW Level 1. 



Nadabrahma Meditation      

Saturday, April 14th   7:00-8:30 pm

Location TBA (Kitimat)

Sunday, April 15th   7:30-9:00 pm

@ The Yoga Studio (Terrace)     

This powerful group meditation is based upon a traditional form of Tibetan Mantra, and is one of our personal favorites! Join us as we access the healing power of sound vibrations to gently heal and restore harmony and balance! Increase your own vibration, as we expand our awareness into a state of blissful peace.
*With special live music using crystal singing bowls.

Drop in's welcome (please bring cash),          pre-registration recommended.

Cost:  $15    

The Sexually Embodied Woman Level 1

Starting May 6th - June 10th,  7:30-9:30 pm   

6 Sunday Evenings @ The Yoga Studio (Terrace)

Investment: $400 ...or $375 when you sign up with a friend!

This 6 week women's program, led by Somatic Sexual Educator Amy Kebernik, will dive into the topic of embodiment and sexuality as we explore what it means to be truly loving & intimate with ourselves! As we learn to give and receive love on a larger level, we are better able to form close relationships that truly nurture and sustain us. You will learn & experience Somatic sexuality & mindfulness practices that you can use to bring more pleasure, intimacy and love into every area of your life! 

*To register, please email Amy at  Payment in the form of Interac, email money transfers and cash are accepted in advance to reserve your spot. If finances are a concern, please ask about our payment plans. 


An Introduction to Skydancing Tantra       

Friday, May 4th      7:30-9:30 pm (Terrace)

@ The Yoga Studio

Saturday,  June 1st    7:30-9:30 pm (Kitimat)

Sunday, June 2nd    7:30-9:30 pm (Terrace)

@ The Yoga Studio

This evening workshop will be a fun and gentle exploration into the history of  Skydancing Tantra. Discover how foundational Tantric attitudes & practices can change your life and your relationships! Bring a friend, your partner, or come by yourself...  This class is guaranteed to leave you feeling lighter and more connected with yourself, others, and the world around you!

*Pre-registration required for all workshops.

Cost:  $50/person or $90/couple

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Pure Tantra

      Self Expansion 6 week Online Class 

                      *Coming Soon!*    

       -Live somewhere else in the world?  No problem!

This course will be offered through an online video platform called Zoom.  You will need to download that application on a desktop, ipad or phone in order to access the online class.

Self expansion is all about opening our hearts, expanding our minds, and getting back into the wisdom of our bodies. This online class will combine ancient Tantric teachings with modern Somatic embodiment practices to help you expand your awareness, release tension and recharge your energy! Each week will feature different Tantric practices and exercises for you to work on at home. These will be structured for solo practice, with variations included for couples work. 


'When we let go of what no longer serves us, there is space to allow more of what we truly desire to come into our lives.'   -Amy