Pure Tantra

Workshops combine meditation, movement, breath work, and forms of conscious touch, as well as group and individual process work. The space and container we create together is formatted to allow you to go as deeply into the experiences as you wish. It provides you with the opportunity to bring more growth and healing into every area of your life. 
In all of the classes that we teach, there are NEVER any compulsory exercises. You do not have to do anything you are not 100% comfortable doing! That being said- you are likely coming to stretch yourself beyond your previous limitations. You decide - where and what your boundaries are in each moment. You will begin to notice subtle shifts and changes when you open up to choosing to fully experience all that life has to offer!

     Workshop Etiquette         

*All of our workshops and events require you to

be in a drug and alcohol-free state.

      -Why? What's the big deal?

We believe that transformational experiences in an unaltered state can be trusted more by the person experiencing them. This is for your benefit as well as any other people you will interact with. We prefer all learning to be as authentic as possible, so that you have total recall and are making any personal decisions or behavioural choices (during or after the workshop) from a place of clarity. Many people use alcohol (etc.) to numb out or deal with emotional processing when things get 'real'. Please let us help you process in a safe and healthy way using the skills we have been trained in. We also know that you will have an AMAZING time without any substances clouding your sensations. So many Tantric practices are focused on increasing awareness, and most recreational substances will provide the opposite effect of what you want to create. If you plan on attending, please be sober, or you may be asked to leave. There will be no refunds given in this situation. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

*The exception: If you are currently using painkillers for a medical condition, please speak with us privately beforehand so we can better assist you by checking in with you periodically during the workshop. We are always available to offer energy work and healing to anyone who needs it at our events.

   What do I need to bring?

  • Please bring a (spill-proof) water bottle, pillow or cushion, and a comfy blanket to cover yourself if necessary. There are back-jacks, yoga mats & bolsters at the studio. If you have back issues, feel free to bring a foam mat for extra support on the floor. We want you to be as comfortable as possible! 

  • Many practices may have you speaking and/or working with others in close proximity.  
    Please come showered and smelling fresh, in clean clothes, and having brushed your teeth prior to any Tantra workshops.

  • Please do not use synthetic perfumes or colognes before you attend. We want to be inclusive of those that may have chemical sensitivities.  

  • We encourage you to bring a notebook and pen! Certain meditations and practices can bring up insights you may want to remember.

  • Most importantly -we invite you to bring an open mind and a willing spirit to try something different, and see how if it resonates!  Discover how much FUN it can be to connect with others in a space where it is safe to be exactly who you are.