Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Intimacy Coaching for?    

Intimacy and Relationship Coaching can be for yourself, you and your partner, or even any other important relationships in your life such as siblings, parents or children. Our goal is to help you reconnect with yourself and others in ways that promote love and happiness while deepening the relationship. If the person you would like most to connect with is unwilling to come with you, there are still many tools we can teach you to heal and help yourself. Major changes often happen when we do our individual work first.

Are you Sex Therapists?  

No. We are Tantric Teachers and Relationship & Intimacy Coaches. Amy is also trained in several forms of Trauma release and Somatica techniques. She is certified in Sexological Bodywork, and specializes in Sexuality Coaching and Intimacy Surrogacy. We refer clients to appropriate therapists if their needs are outside our areas of expertise. If you are under the care of a therapist or counsellor, we will be happy to speak with them to coordinate your care plan, with your permission.

One big difference in what we do (compared to talk-based therapies), is that your therapist will not touch you or interact with you in any physical way, whereas we can, when appropriate and requested by you. You can have the experience of learning in 'real-time', in an authentic and embodied way. Intimacy is a LEARNABLE skill set! By creating a safe container without any judgement, you are free to go as deeply into the experience as possible.

I want to explore Sacred Sex as a Spiritual Path. Can you teach me or show me that?  

Absolutely! There are many traditional & modern Tantric practices that can be done alone or with a partner to facilitate this. We are happy to teach you these both verbally and experientially. We find people learn best when they can feel things in their own body. Having said that, we are NOT sex workers or sexual surrogates. We do offer several forms of Bodywork depending on a client's needs, but there is never a goal of achieving genital orgasm. 

Our approach is to help you find the deepest experience possible in order for you to grow more fully into your 'aliveness'. If you are interested in exploring the journey of a lifetime, we would love to guide you into becoming more present, dropping goal orientation,  awakening into awareness, and fully opening your heart!

Unfortunately at this time, insurance does not cover any of the modalities we teach and offer. All payment is due in advance through Paypal or via Email money transfer to

Thank you for understanding!

Benefits of Private Coaching

  • ​Learn to feel and express your desires, fears and boundaries, how to communicate easily and authentically, & how to break free of old patterns and play!
  • If you struggle with giving or receiving pleasure & affection, we can help you learn to relax into the experience so you are free to enjoy the entire spectrum of your senses.
  •  Explore what it feels like to discover and offer others more of yourself, & how it feels to receive unconditional love and complete acceptance when it is offered to you.
  • If you are interested in Somatica, you will have the chance to explore a full menu of affectionate, sensual play and erotic expression. This could also include releasing shame and body image issues, working on attachment and/or boundaries, expressing your sexuality, inner child work, and redefining & accepting healthy nurturing using cuddling and loving touch.
  • Coaching gives you the skills to discover limitless joy, creativity, and passion within yourself. You will be empowered to listen to your body's wisdom, and trust your own intuition.

If you are interested in becoming more sexually embodied, releasing & healing trauma, or learning intimacy skills,  please reach out for a free consult!

Pure Tantra

 Pricing & Availability

  • An initial consultation or interview is required before  committing to any therapeutic relationship with you. This helps us get a better feel for where you are at, what your needs are, and what practices best suit what you are hoping to learn and experience.  If what we offer is not the right fit for you,  we are always happy to direct you to someone better suited to your needs. Coaching can be done either in person, or online via Skype or Zoom. For those who may be interested, we are also available for private retreats, anywhere in the world.

  • Your needs are important to us, and your boundaries, feelings,  and experiences will be respected and honored.                                                                                                                                                *All information and session work is kept confidential.*

  • Tantra Coaching Sessions:  This is an opportunity to learn and experience Tantra in a personalized and private setting with expert teachers!  For those that want to create transformational results and lasting changes, customized packages are available.   Please ask about our intensive coaching programs.

  • Tantric Massage:  We do work with clients privately, although at this time, this option is only available for established coaching clients and couples, as part of teaching conscious loving touch  and advanced healing  practices. Highly recommended for couples, as part of building unconditional giving and receiving skills into the relationship.                          *Please note there will be an  upcoming Tantra Massage course for couples offered online soon!

  • Trauma Release:  These sessions help you dive into exploring and releasing wherever trauma is held in the physical body, on a cellular level. Often, we end up storing unresolved  emotional and sexual trauma in our pelvic floor.  De-armouring combines ancient Tantric practices with breathwork, biofeedback, guided visualization, and somatic experiential process work to help clients release emotional, mental, physical, and energetic blockages.  

  • Somatic Sexual Education:   Prices available after initial consult.

  • Somatica  (Sexual Therapy & Relationship Coaching):  Wondering how to bring more pleasure into your life?!                   - I am here to help you work through any areas where you are feeling stuck, challenged, or unable to express your needs and desires.  Discover how to reconnect with your body and your sexuality in a safe space! Learn how to identify and release somatic holding that happens in the body when we have experienced emotional, mental,  physical, and sexual trauma in our lives. ​ Personalized sessions are available online or in-person.