'Amy & Louis, I love your classes- they are filled with fun, laughter, joy, and passion. Pure Tantra is making it's mark in Canada and everyone ought to get on the bandwagon,

You won't regret it!'

 -Xanet Pailet, CEO of Power of Pleasure, San Francisco

'I've just finished a 6 day Tantra course with Amy & Louis of Pure Tantra. Wow! As a long time practioner, I exclaim & proclaim they are masters. Their open- hearted teaching style & deep knowledge guarantee Tantrikas of all levels will reap immense gains.' 

    -Chris Englund, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

'Amy & Louis are Pure Tantra, not only in their name but also in the way they love each other, their practice as Tantrikas, and everyone in their expanding world. They are the embodiment of the idea that Love is the Answer.'    

​         -Richard T, Florida

'I recently worked with Louis and Amy in some in-depth Tantric practices where they led me through some amazing healing. They walked me through group tantric practices including communication ceremonies, active & dynamic breath work meditations, individual heart-opening rituals, and a powerful pelvic healing session. Their work with me was done from the heart with unconditional love, and was life-changing. They work beautifully as a couple in their teaching, and I have much gratitude for their work with me.'    

       - Douglas Hunt,  aka Anand Sadeha, California

'Amy & Louis, it has been so wonderful to meet and work with you. Your presence and teaching style create a beautiful safe & sacred space for us to do amazing healing and sacred sexual work. You are a beautiful inspiration for what a connected, loving, tantric couple can be. So wonderful to get to know you!'

Love always,  

-Katrina Bos, Tantra Teacher, Goderich, Ontario

'Amy and Louis, you are shining stars! Your meditations touch deep parts of us and offer safe spaces for powerful healings to occur. You are artists whose skills enable us to envision ourselves in new ways, & your intuitive abilities channel Divine Love exactly where it is needed. You bless us with your presence and commitment to the healing of the world. I am grateful for the privilege of sharing space with you in this lifetime! Love!'   

         -Amy M, Ohio

Pure Tantra

'What a fun couple! They bring such enthusiasm into whatever they're teaching! It's so much fun to be in a class with them.'   -Thomas Stout,

Tantra Teacher (Ecstatic Living Inst.)  Minnesota

'Amy & Louis, thank you for bringing simplicity back into my life. Every moment is beautiful, if only I see.'  

Love,   May Chan, Singapore